Why Lingua Essence?

Shortly about myself and Lingua Essence:

  • After many years of experience in a Global Team I decided to write my own language book cooperating with native speakers. Now I’m happy to share it with those who are interested and who will benefit from it.
  • Lingua Essence will offer you eBooks in various languages so that you can achieve higher level of proficiency in your chosen languages.

Every author offers their individual experience; I will show you my own essence collected in a series of books that you can apply immediately in your speech.

Would you like to take up the challenge and speak different languages? Check out our offer.


eBooks for professionals – Business Meetings Language

  • Many years of experience in business and languages encapsulated in one place!
  • Lingua Essence – vocabulary in context, hundreds of synonyms and business idiomatic expressions, visualizations – associations, create easily your own context following the phrases proposed in eBook.

The whole eBook is divided into three parts:

PART 1. Icebreaker / Intro & Interactions / One-on-one / Tricky situations.

PART 2. Meeting Structure / Agenda / Updates / Problem Solving.

PART 3. Express yourself / Opinions / Feedback / Decision making.

Do you aspire to speak professionally in more languages?

German – Spanish – Italian – French – coming soon.